Marine biology minor fiu requirements

We are conducting research to address the greatest challenges of our time and train the next generation of biologists. We are breaking new ground in the field — from coral reefs in the Florida Keys to mangroves in the Everglades to tropical rainforests around the world — as well as in our cutting-edge laboratories, providing training and research opportunities in a variety of disciplines.

marine biology minor fiu requirements

Browse Biological Sciences syllabi. A scholarship fund has been established in the name of Retired Professor John C.

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Makemson to benefit undergraduate students conducting research in the biological sciences. Learn about Dr. Makemson's impact on our department and contribute to his award. Lauderdale office. This position will provide support [ The Caribbean King Crab might be the secret to wiping out a killer algae invasion on coral reefs, according [ New research shows that conservation efforts in the Atlantic Ocean may be working for one of the most popular — [ More Events. Makemson Award. Get Support. Biological Sciences Resources.

Biological Sciences Opportunities.From oceans to coastal wetlands, students will learn about marine organisms and their behaviors and interactions with the environment.

Marine Sciences students study oceanography, statistics, fisheries and aquatic sciences, and invertebrate biodiversity. To graduate with this major, students must complete all university, college, and major requirements.

Best Marine Biology Colleges In The World

The university promotes an integrated approach to marine science education and research to prepare students for a variety of rewarding academic and professional careers. This major, offered cooperatively with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, allows students to tailor a curriculum that suits their interests and career goals.

marine biology minor fiu requirements

The curriculum provides students with the core scientific and quantitative skills necessary for success. Lower-division courses build a strong foundation in basic sciences and math while upper-division courses provide opportunity for specialization.

Students in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences CALS complete an upper-division core that concentrates on biological and ecological marine science essentials while also giving students a critical understanding of how statistics and economics are integrated into marine science and resource management.

Students work closely with a faculty advisor to create an individualized curriculum plan of at least 18 approved elective credits and hours of planned credits.

Marine Biology

These can include courses on resource management, human dimensions, conservation, quantitative population assessment and others. Students must complete their plans along with the approval of a faculty advisor before reaching 70 credits. The major requires credits and at least 30 credits of upper-division coursework in the major must be completed at UF.

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Please note the critical-tracking requirements below on a per-semester basis. Equivalent critical-tracking courses as determined by the State of Florida Common Course Prerequisites may be used for transfer students.

Students are expected to complete the writing requirement while in the process of taking the courses below. To remain on track, students must complete the appropriate critical-tracking courses, which appear in bold.

These courses must be completed by the terms as listed above in the Critical Tracking criteria. This semester plan represents an example progression through the major. Actual courses and course order may be different depending on the student's academic record and scheduling availability of courses. Prerequisites still apply.

University of Florida

Students meet with a faculty advisor to establish a curriculum plan for approved electives and planned electives and may focus these toward a specific area or a minor. For a broader program, students should choose a minimum of three credits from each area of approved electives. Other options may include study abroad courses. This major provides integrative understanding of the basic concepts, theories and observational findings related to marine materials and processes, geologic time, the diversity of marine life, the structure and function of marine organisms and ecosystems and marine resource management.

Coursework for the Major The major requires credits and at least 30 credits of upper-division coursework in the major must be completed at UF. Before Graduating Students Must Achieve a passing score on the subject test. The content of the examination has been reviewed and approved by the Marine Sciences Committee. Achieve a passing score on the analytical skills test.We offer students and researchers access to the diverse coastal ecosystems of South Florida and the Caribbean with long-term programs worldwide.

Undergraduate Marine Sciences students are encouraged to submit an essay to the Dr. We work with local partners and collaborators to address challenges and implement research-based decisions that are close to home and across the world:. A fleet of small boats is available for researchers. Browse our vessels and check our rules and resources.

FIU scientists found high levels of nitrogen and phosphorous are making it harder for coral to defend themselves against infections. University researchers have spearheaded Global FinPrint to identify hot spots and trouble spots for the oceans' top predators. FIU Institute of Environment researchers have discovered some dolphin species have a lot more in common with people.

They [ FIU marine scientist Yannis Papastamatiou discovered gray reef sharks in the Pacific are forming social networks, with some bonds [ The Dr. Essay Award. Research Vessels A fleet of small boats is available for researchers.Biology explores living organisms at all levels—cellular, ecological, organismal, and molecular, while marine biology specializes in the study of organisms in the sea.

Technological advances in molecular and biotechnology have expanded the specializations available to students in these disciplines, making them very exciting fields of study. As a biology or marine biology major, you will learn about viruses, genetics, plants, marine mammals, and conservation, as well as analyze and evaluate data, perform laboratory experiments, and write and present reports.

Students with a degree in biology or marine biology are prepared for careers as educators secondary education and healthecologists, microbiologists, botanists, researchers, fishery biologist, conservationists, oceanographers, as well as advanced graduate study. Many students choose Biology as a pathway to medical and other professional schools. The Pre-Health advising team guides you through the requirements for your professional school of choice, including, but not limited to, coursework, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, testing, application and deadlines, and interviews.

Minors and Certificates. Advising and Transfer Guides.This degree is ideal for students who plan to pursue graduate studies and careers in botany, zoology, ecology, molecular and cellular biology, biomedical research, health care, natural resource management and nonprofits.

Marine Sciences

Students who have fulfilled the requirements for this degree will also have satisfied the course requirements for admission to medical, dental, optometry and veterinary schools. Some professional schools may have additional course requirements. To learn more about tailoring your undergraduate studies for health professional school, visit Pre-Health Advising. This track introduces students to historical and modern DNA typing, human and nonhuman forensics, best laboratory practices and applicability of DNA to criminalistics.

It also focuses on critical thinking with respect to methodology selection as well as the future of forensic science. Program of Study. New students seeking a career in biology or marine biology are invited to apply to this cohort program, based at the Biscayne Bay Campus and offering an accelerated completion timeline, academic and research opportunities, and more.

Learn About the Cohort. The Honors in Biology program gives exceptional students the opportunity to conduct original research directed by a faculty mentor. Students carry out a research project, complete a thesis paper and present the results of the research at a departmental seminar. Advisors will support you on your academic journey, helping you enroll in courses, meet your graduation requirements and prepare for your career.

Connect with an Advisor. Lou W. Forensic Biomolecular Biology Track. Admissions Freshman Applicant criteria - for students entering FIU as a freshman or transfer student with fewer than 60 credits Transfer Applicant criteria - for transfer students entering FIU with 60 or more transfer credits. Need an Advisor? Undergraduate Director.Our Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences provides a biology background and tools for success in a variety of fields.

Faculty and students work with a diverse array of plant, animal, and microbial organisms and in a wide range of terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats. FIU is ideally situated for the study of tropical biology and many of our laboratories specialize in tropical systems.

This field of study will prepare students for further graduate and professional studies, as well as for employment in areas that require university-level training in the life sciences.

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With course offerings in human physiology, nutrition, medical terminology, psychology and U. This field includes the technicians, assistants and therapists who work alongside physicians, dentists and other medical professionals. This track provides knowledge in topics such as economics, the justice system, politics and policy, as well as training in research, writing and rhetoric for students who wish to play a role in law around biology and the environment. For students interested in publicizing issues and achievements in biology, this track offers studies in communication and journalism topics to hone research and writing skills.

This track supports students looking to innovate in biology-related fields, addressing aspects of business management including accounting, investment, finance and marketing. Advisors will support you on your academic journey, helping you enroll in courses, meet your graduation requirements and prepare for your career. Connect with an Advisor. Lou W. Allied Health Profession.

Science Communication. Admissions Freshman Applicant criteria - for students entering FIU as a freshman or transfer student with fewer than 60 credits Transfer Applicant criteria - for transfer students entering FIU with 60 or more transfer credits.

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marine biology minor fiu requirements

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marine biology minor fiu requirements

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